All Modularack® products are made from FSC* certified timber.

Modulrarack is one of the strongest and most stable racks available on the market and the secret is in the wood…manufactured from sustainable plantation-grown Radiata Pine in Australia. Australia’s environmentally sound Radiata pine is a remarkable, cultivated species of tree with its origin in California. From California, to Australia, and back.

Radiata pine originates from the California Monterey pine tree (Pinus radiata). The story is quite paradoxical. Monterey pine has an extremely limited natural habitat in only three localities on the California central coast, largely on the Monterey Peninsula. In its native habitat it has little economic importance. Conversely, this same tree species has been planted more abundantly throughout the world than any other American tree where it has great economic importance. Therein lies the paradox. Monterey pine has been grandly successful in Australia, where the Monterey legacy wine rack wood is grown and the racks are produced. This modern Monterey pine, called Radiata pine in Australia (it’s Latin name), has gone through selective breeding to produce superior trees with very straight, tall trunks. The result: a hard, high-density, strong wood.

The stackable, strong, “no-tools required” Modularack® PRO, Modularack®, and VinRack TM wine racks are a testimony to this tough wood...a wood that happens to have a pleasant, natural color.

*FSC - Forest Stewardship Council promotes worldwide standards for forest management.