Video Instructions for Modularack®

If you order a Modularack with 8 or more bottle rows, you will need a wall mount. Check with your local hardware store to find out what mount will work best for your particular wall.

If you are purchasing a Modularack that will be placed on a carpeted floor, please do not go above 6 bottle rows high.

The basic concept consists of Support beams (“beams”) and Bottle crossbars (“crossbars”).

RUBBER MALLET USE. Generally speaking, no tools are required. The pieces simply fit together. But from time to time a rubber mallet can make assembly easier. Always use the rubber mallet by hammering at an angle inside a bottle groove on the crossbar, as shown in Figure 1 below. Do not hammer directly down on the crossbar, as shown in figure 2. This assures that the structural integrity of the unit and all of its fittings will remain tight.

Figure 1

Figure 2


  • Set two beams apart with the grooves facing upward, as shown (right).
  • Insert two crossbars into the beam grooves, as shown in the diagram below. Be sure the ends of the crossbars are flush fitted with the beams.
  • Build additional rows by setting two more beams on the top of the crossbars.Then fit another pair of crossbars on top of that.




Some Notes regarding Modularack® PRO

Most racks require Special parts. All of the Special parts for the particular rack configuration ordered will be packed in a special shrink wrap package. Each package will vary, but the basic components will consist of one or more of the following items depending upon the particular rack unit ordered. Items in Special parts include one or more of the following:


  • Three (3) categories of beams with special angle cuts.
  • 8” wide Table Tops.
  • 12” wide Table Tops.
  • Spacer blocks.
  • Front bars* (This item comes with two (2) screws).
*Phillips head screwdriver needed to assemble.